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Nuns on the run


RegissörJonathan Lynn
Längd1h 28min
FormatAnamorphic 1.78:1
Robbie Coltrane Charlie McManus/Sister Inviolata
Oliver Parker Doctor
Eric Idle Brian Hope/Sister Euphemia
Camille Coduri Faith Thomas, Brian's Girlfriend
Janet Suzman Sister Superior Liz
Doris Hare Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart
Lila Kaye Sister Mary of the Annunciation
Robert Patterson 'Case' Casey, Gangster Boss
Robert Morgan Abbott, Casey Hitman
Winston Dennis Morley, Casey Hitman
Tom Hickey Father Seamus, Horny Priest at Convent
Colin Campbell Norm
Richard Simpson Mr. Norris, Auditor`
Nicholas Hewetson Louis, Accidentally shot during bank hei
Gary Tang Ronnie Chang, Triad member
David Forman Henry Ho, Triad member
Gedren Heller Chemist Shop Assistant
Wabei Siyolwe Julie, Convent student
Nigel Fan Dwayne Lee, Triad member
Ozzie Yue Ernie Wong, Triad member
Tatiana Strauss Michelle, Convent student
Helen FitzGerald Tracey, Convent student
Stewart Harwood Mr. Thomas, Faith's Father
Peter Geeves Faith's Brother
Irene Marot Hysterical Bank Manageress
Louis Mellis Bank Security Guard
Craig Crosbie Policeman in Car Park
Fred Haggerty Gatekeeper
Michael Beint Bewildered Policeman
Tex Fuller Taxi Driver
Lee Simpson Policeman with Radio
Julie Graham Casino Waitress
Dan Hildebrand Casino Manager
Joanne Campbell Ward Nurse
Britt Horrow Hospital Receptionist
David Becalick Police Sergeant
Aran Bell Police Constable
Francine Walker Tied-Up Nurse
Shirley Anne Selby Tied-Up Nurse
Jennifer Hall Airport Ticket Girl
John Phythian Airport Policeman
Carole Anne Nude Girl in Shower Room

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